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International Chardonnay Day is celebrated on the Thursday before the last Monday in May every year and is gathering momentum in many wine producing countries around the world. The grape responsible for the world's best selling white wine is certainly cause for celebration, especially as a lead up to the annual Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration in Niagara. This year's festivities will take place July 23-25. More details are online at coolchardonnay.org

I was happy to use Chardonnay Day as a chance to talk up my passion for the grape and wine appreciation in general with morning shows in Hamilton, Ottawa and Regina. The links below feature the segments from CTV Morning Live in Ottawa with Rosey Edeh, CH Morning Live in Hamilton with Bob Cowan and CTV Morning Live in Regina with Brit Dort.

More recent appearances have included segments on Low and No Alcohol options (link below to  CTV Morning Live in Regina with Brit Dort chat) and Barbecue Wines roundup for Breakfast Television with Dina Pugliese and Sid Seixeiro (link below).

BT Barbecue Wines - Watch Now

CTV Regina | Low and No Alcohol segment


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